The Natural Dr

Rosemary is a well-grounded, practical, natural doctor, who has been in practice for over 40 years. She believes in empowering patients to make himself or herself well as expeditiously as possible.


Rose Mary embodies an impressive formal education, she earned a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition, and a Masters Degree & PhD in Natural Medicine - as a solid foundation on which to build further expertise and mastery in a multitude of skills in natural medicine.  This impressive list includes: Vitamin Therapy, Herbology, Homeopathy, Kineisiology, QRA, Polarity, Iridology, Feldenkrais and Shiatsu. 

Bachlor of Science Degree in Nutrition and Vitamin Therapy

Mastors and Ph D in Natural Medicine

4 Year Graduate Feldenkrais Functional Integration

Herbology Graduate of Dr. John Christopher’s School of Herbology and Master's from Dr. Joseph Montagna Herbology School

Teaching Status: Hannah Kroeger’s Work from both Peaceful Meadows in Colorado and Southern Herbs in Wisconsin

‘Hands On Healing’ Ministry from Dr. Williard Fuller

Applied Kineisiology Certification from Kelly Green, LPN

Iridologist trained by Dr. Jensen

QRA training by Dr. Marshal

Polarity, Homeopathy and Accupressue background

More recently, Rose Mary has allied her extensive 40-year plus experience with the QUANTUM Machine, Heart Sound and the Zyto testing.  This has proved to be a close-to-perfect marriage of masterful people-touch, with extraordinary technology.  The QUANTUM Interface Machine permits comprehensive electronic frequency feedback and corrective therapies, and the Zyto a Galvanic response from the nervous system and Heart Sound for Rhythm & Tone of heart - coupled with Rose Mary's Natural intuitiveness and natural medicine expertise enhance the application of the technology for extraordinary results.


Rose Mary is also available as for clinics on Digestion, Anti-Aging, Adrenal Exhaustion, and other topics. She is a public speaker and educator. She travels throughout the United States bringing her special brand of healing to those who will use it.  She is sought after by Natural and Traditional practitioners of medicine alike because she appreciates the purpose of all medicines. She is committed to the establishment of comprehensive health knowledge in every American family - in practical everyday terms and applications - so that we can all, individually, be responsible for our well-ness.       (425) 346-3104

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